Walls Tokyo Art Collection feat. 六本木百合香 “新世界 ーA NEW WORLD“ 2022.12.15 -2023.1.21 開催

この度 Walls Tokyo では、画家・六本木百合香氏をお迎えし、コレクション作品と併せた展覧会《新世界 ーA NEW WORLD 》を開催します。




――スーザン・ソンタグ 『反解釈』より(※)

六本木百合香氏は、東京藝術大学でデザインを専攻。日本画家の中島千波氏の指導を受け、画家の道を歩み始めます。以来、都内での個展、グループ展に多数参加する他、KAIKA TOKYO AWARD 2022にて大賞を受賞するなど今最注目の作家です。




描くことは生きること-画面からそんな言葉が聞こえてくる六本木百合香氏の絵画を中心に、Walls Tokyoのコレクションより抜粋した作品と併せ、展示・販売いたします。

※ソンタグ,スーザン(1996)『反解釈』 高橋康也ほか訳 筑摩書房


What a work of art can do is not to make us judge and generalize, but to show and grasp something specific.

--Susan Sontag, from 「Anti-Interpretation」 (*)

Lion heads and pit bulls appear suddenly and strut around the screen as if they belong there. The motifs that appear in Roppongi paintings are said to have appeared in his mind just before he painted them.

Whether they are almost improvised or based on interviews with the young people who gather in Shibuya, her paintings are the expression of herself (and others) living in the now.

It is almost impossible to interpret her works, which are distanced from the logic and concept behind their production, and the viewer is confronted with them without the filter of the self. The painted space that we see in this way begins to shine as a new world filled with a sense of exuberance.

To paint is to live - such words can be heard from the paintings of Yurika Roppongi, which will be exhibited and sold along with works selected from Walls Tokyo collection.

Sontag, Susan (1996) 「Anti-interpretation」, translated by Yasuya Takahashi et al, ChikumaShobo