Walls Tokyo Art Collection / あなたへの手紙


2023.12.13 wed - 12.28 thu

Walls Tokyo Art Collection / あなたへの手紙

この度 Walls Tokyo では、Walls Tokyo Art Collection /あなたへの手紙 を開催します。





Walls Tokyo では、家に籠りがちな冬のホリデーシーズンを彩る、詩的で心温まる作品を集め、展示・販売いたします。

展示予定作家 / 井上実、大川菜々子、田島征三、常田泰由、二井矢春菜、平丸陽子、南桂子、ジョゼフ・アルバース

* 作品は予告なく変更されることがあります。



Walls Tokyo is pleased to present Walls Tokyo Art Collection /Letter to You.


Paintings by artists are filled with their thoughts and feelings.

When you stand in front of a work of art and feel something, it means that your spirit is touched by the artist's message and resonates with it.

What you see here is a letter to you, and also a letter to yourself.

Walls Tokyo will be exhibiting and selling a collection of poetic and heartwarming works that will add color to the winter holiday season when we tend to stay indoors.

Artists / Minoru Inoue, Nanako Okawa, Seizo Tajima, Yasuyoshi Tsuneda, Haruna Niya, Yoko Hiramaru, Keiko Minami, Josef Albers

* Artworks are subject to change without notice.