Walls Tokyo Art Collection /都会の亡霊たち『Les fantômes de la ville』

キース・ヘリング 、大竹 伸朗、クリスト、カウズ、ヨゼフ・ボイス他

2023.9.28 thu-10.14 sat

Walls Tokyo Art Collection /都会の亡霊たち『Les fantômes de la ville』

この度 Walls Tokyo では、Walls Tokyo Art Collection /都会の亡霊たち Les fantômes de la ville を開催します。








Walls Tokyo is pleased to announce the Walls Tokyo Art Collection / Urban Ghosts Les fantômes de la ville.

The exhibition will be held at the gallery.


Keith Haring has been leaving his drawings on billboards in the New York City subway system.

Cowes attracted attention with his "Subvertising" series, in which he renews the meaning of advertising messages by adding his own illustrations to billboards around the city.

Wandering around the city and leaving traces.

This exhibition features works by artists whose style is supremely cool, and will be on display and for sale.


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