藤元明 個展 2022.9.28 wed - 10.22 sat 開催





主な活動に「NEW RECYCLE®」「2021」、原爆や戦争など社会的喪失の記憶をテーマにした国際プロジェクト「FUTURE MEMORY」など。

2015年より都市の余白を活用する「ソノ アイダ」を主宰。


Akira Fujimoto was born in 1975 in Tokyo, Japan. 1999 enrolled in the Communication Research Center FABRICA (Italy), and completed his graduate studies at Tokyo University of the Arts.

After working as an assistant professor at the Department of Inter Media Art, Tokyo University of the Arts, he has been planning and implementing art projects incorporating social and environmental issues in parallel with his painting work.

He has exhibited his works and developed art projects in various media using social phenomena and environmental issues as motifs.

Major activities include "NEW RECYCLE®" and "2021," and the international project "FUTURE MEMORY," which focuses on memories of social losses such as atomic bombs and war.

Since 2015, he has been leading "Sono Ida," which utilizes the margins of the city.