平丸陽子 展「呼吸 / breath」


2023.10.19 thu - 11.4 sat

平丸陽子 展「呼吸 / breath」


当ギャラリーで2回目となる本展では、「呼吸 / breath」と題し、呼吸のように形はないけれど感覚として得るものを視覚的に









Yoko Hiramaru has been working on the theme of things that exist even though we cannot see them, such as presence, air, and light.

In this second exhibition at the gallery, titled "breath," Yoko Hiramaru will present an attempt to visually capture something that has no form, like breathing, but which can be felt as a sensation.
The exhibition will present an attempt to visually capture something that has no form but can be obtained as a sensation, like breathing.


In recent years, he has used transparent paints to create a sense of depth in his paintings by using a technique in which the colors placed underneath can be seen through the paintings.

Each of his patiently repeated brushstrokes has subtle changes in color, each of which looks like a small, breathing cell.

The paintings are not closed, but rather respond to the space and transcend each other's territory.


Hiramaru says, "I am conscious of the influence of the paintings on the space.



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